German IWA Outdoor Classic Shooting Range Packages

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Range Pack Special
4,000 Personalized 12x18 SplatterProTargets. 1,000 of each target.
Includes FREE personalization on targets. Your Company Name and Logo.
(website optional).
Free delivery to your store.

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Retail Sales Pack
Get 6,000 12x12 Splatter Targets packaged in 25's for $2,250.00.
That's just $9.38 per package.
Includes personalization, and shipping!

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The perfect product for fund raising!
Looking for a great product to raise funds for your club or range? Something easy to sell that your members will enjoy selling? Make money and promote your club at the same time.

Why sell your own targets?
Sell a target your customers can't buy on Amazon. Selling the big brand name targets has one major disadvantage. Consumers will find it cheaper on Amazon and buy it. Our personalized targets give you a product that brings people back!